Facing my fears and insecurities in order to see the real me!

Here is a video I created that represented my life and the thought of how different would my life be if I wasn’t a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

It has caused so much pain and anguish that sometimes it just seems to be all too much.My story in music and pictures. How different would my life have been?

It it is my story in pictures. Even though I am still struggling and don’t understand the reasoning behind the pain, I felt it important to end it on a spiritual note. It is my hope in creating this video, it will help me release that child that is locked so far away. Lost in a sea of confusion, fear and agony.

Hope you enjoy it.


Comments on: "My story in music and pictures. How different would my life have been?" (1)

  1. Hi, I watched your video. I know exactly how you feel. I am 61 years old by the calendar but I am stuck way back in time. I have had the very same thoughts as you. What would my life have been like if I wouldn’t have been molested nearly 50 years ago when I was 12? It has had such a negative effect on my life especially mentally. I have a successful marriage to a wonderful woman for 33 years. Two kids now grown and one grand baby on the way. For that I am greatful. But that nagging question…What if? How can something that happened so long ago be still affecting me today? Would I like to go back in time if it were possible and know not to go to that summer camp and then look at the outcome? That would be a scary thing. I don’t know. I guess I’ll never know. Thank you for sharing your video. A well used saying is, “You are not alone”, that is true, however, we each are still alone with our individual problems and thoughts. But again, I really do know exactly how you feel. Now, if I get this right, in one of the songs in your video they sang, “we are all born the same and then we go our seperate ways”. That might not be exact but that has stuck with me. I know I have never been all that I might have been because of low self esteem, depression, etc. Some can make it through, some just can’t. We get one shot at this life and I really don’t understand why many things happen. I am hoping the next life is much better. Thanks again for your video. That little boy inside me says to your little boy inside, “Hey, let’s go outside and play and just have fun!”

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